What to Do in Difficult Times

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Times are really tough for dry cleaning carpet companies and just about everybody else nowadays. So what can you do? The only thing we can all do in these difficult times is our best. What is our best? Our best is showing up for work early, ready to work. If the phone is ringing on the way out pick it up, don’t let it go to the answering machine. In other words all the things you should be doing in good times. Keep a conscience effort to do all that you can.

On the job you need to do the best job you can do. Work on every spot and stain and communicate this to the customer. The devil is in the details so go over everything, to the best of your ability. Do a walk through before you pull your hoses out and shut down the truck. These are things you should already be doing no matter what the economy is, just now you need to be conscience of this each and every day and each and every job.

Sometimes in difficult times its easy to get depressed and feel sorry for yourself. I understand this, I am part of a business that has been around for over 40 years and these struggles can tax you. You can not do your best job by letting your spirits dip. What kind of message does this send to your employees? If you are depressed and it rubs off on your employees. Is this the best customer service? You must stay positive and keep your chin up. Your employees will notice if your positive or negative. The owner is the leader whether he or she likes it or not. You can lead in a positive way or a negative way, both have consequences.

You can never generate any business by feeling sorry for yourself. At times like this we look for someone to blame. We ask ourselves is it Washington’s fault? Are they helping or hurting us? We all have the right to vote. We can all muster arguments about who to blame. The only way to get through these times though is to depend on ourselves, not someone in Washington. Yes you should vote but don’t think your vote will have a direct impact on your present situation.

The only way out of these difficult times is again to look at yourself and do all the things you can do. Getting to work on time, anticipating your customers needs and delivering the best customer service you can. When problems arise deal with them immediately. Listen your customer and deliver only the best work you possibly can.

Go out and vote of course but don’t wait for some politician to change your life because you are sure to be disappointed. The person who can have the most impact on your life and in business is the same person you see every time you look in the mirror.