Removing Odors – Keeping Your Veterinary Clinic Hygienic and Odor Free

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Pet odors are difficult to remove because they often linger even if the surface appears clean. Carpets and furniture are particularly prone to odors due to their extremely porous nature. Removing pet odors and stains on a regular basis is almost impossible unless you use odor removers that act fast to remove the source of odors and help to keep the surface clean.

Pet Safety

Because pets have the tendency to chew or otherwise come in close contact with rugs and furniture, you cannot use toxic cleaning solutionsthat can harm the animal. Therefore, an eco-friendly product constructed from plants is the best option. Green pet removers do not harm the environment. They biodegrade rapidly and leave no toxic traces on the Carpet Cleaning.

The Principle behind Green Cleaners

Green odor removers are as effective as regular detergents and chemical deodorizers, if not more effective. Nontoxic odor removers can be used along with cleaning machines, such as steam cleaners or carpet cleaners for the most ideal cleaning conditions.

Odors are caused by organic residues, such as pet urine. When left on carpets and other surfaces, these odors soak into the fibers. Standard cleaners often remove the stain, but leave behind organic residues that continue to give off strong odors. Green cleaners, on the other hand, encapsulate and emulsify the organic source of odors to ensure complete odor elimination.

Better Cleaning Tips

For easier and better cleaning, it is recommended that you use a pet stain remover with a carpet cleaner or steam cleaner. These machines offer maximum cleaning capabilities when used along with a pet urine odor remover.

Surfaces can be pre-sprayed to enable the green odor removers to begin acting on the odor causing residue. A steam cleaner with vacuum extraction can be used for applying steam on the floor or small areas of the carpet. Steam can also be injected with additional green cleaning solution for greater cleaning power.

The moisture can be extracted using wet vacuum extraction. For commercial areas, steam cleaners with HEPA filters are recommended. HEPA filters remove minute particles of dirt, pet urine, and other odor-causing matter. They also eliminate allergens, such as pet hair and dander. Many commercial steam cleaners have anti-bacterial technology to sanitize surfaces and eliminate more than 99 percent of germs and bacteria. These machines help keep the vet’s office hygienic and lower chances of infection.

A pet stain remover may also be applied with a carpet cleaner. First pre-spray the carpet with the green pet odor remover. Allow the green cleaner to dwell, providing sufficient time to encapsulate and crystallize organic deposits. Then use the machine to inject water and additional solution into the carpet. Agitate with the carpet wand and extract the water, solution, and entire odor-causing, organic deposit.

Besides being non-toxic, green pet urine odor remover chemicals are non-reactive; they create no danger of chemical burns or allergic reactions. These chemicals are nonflammable. They are safe for all environments, people, animals, and plants. Look for pet odor removers, along with a wide variety of other formulations, from today’s most trusted green chemical suppliers.