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Unemployment Numbers, Election Cycle, EU Crisis, and Corporate Earnings – Who Started the Fire?

Well, as if the summer of July 2012 wasn’t bad enough with the extreme heat wave, big fires, and the never ending sound and fury of American presidential election year politics – we got a rather rude awakening as to our economic recovery as our job numbers came in a lot lower than expected and well off the Administration’s projections. Okay so, let’s talk about this shall we?

Are our July 2012 unemployment numbers really a “big step in the right direction,” as President Obama recently noted or a big carbon footprint in a pile of dung? Okay, but all jokes aside, something needs to be done. We have yet to solve all the obvious problems to help get our economy firing on all cylinders again and just as I was writing this article there was a piece in the USA Today talking about the four E’s as in; Euro …